I haven’t posted on here in, oh, forever, but thought today would be an excellent day to start.

I’m in a funk today and thought it would be a really good idea to think of something I’m thankful for.

Today – I’m thankful I remembered to go back up the elevator, 32 floors to get my wallet that I had left in my yoga bag. I went back for it because I needed my bank card to buy breakfast (I was in a hurry this morning) but needed it because the transit cops were checking passes at the train station this morning. By adding 10 minutes on to my commute I saved myself a $140 fine.

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Christmas tree

We finally set up our Christmas tree last night. As I’m sitting here sick it adds a bit of joy to my day

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Superhero lunch bag

I have a superhero lunch bag today. There’s something about seeing cartooned-out superheros in yoga clothes on my lunch bag that has me in a WAY better mood than I was yesterday 🙂

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Confession: I didn’t take this – the husband did.

I’m thankful for his talent and passion for photography. I don’t have a creative bone in my body, but seeing his love and passion for it makes me want to try and be a better photographer.

I’m thankful for his influence.

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I’ve woken up at 5:30am every day this week, and started work by 6:30am. I’ve also kept up with running and joined a 21 day yoga challenge – because I’m crazy. Today I’m very thankful for coffee

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Hats (and unexpected surprises)

The husband found this hat for me this weekend. I love it.

I’m also thankful I got paid today when I wasn’t expecting it. Yay!

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Space heater

I’m thankful I have a space heater beside my desk. It helps me to not turn into an ice cube during the day

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Photo printer

I’m thankful that we are now able to offer photo prints to our customers by way of our new printer. I’m also thankful for the $300 rebate on purchase.

Guess everyones getting pictures for Christmas!

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“holiday” parties

Holiday/ Christmas parties don’t focus on the real reason for the season, but they are a fun time to get dressed up and wear 1920’s inspired hair pieces

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I brought my party shoes to work today. Our Christmas party (pardon me, “holiday party”) is tomorrow and since I haven’t worn these fantastically impractical shoes since January I thought I should wear them today.

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